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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This n That Beaded Earrings

Here is a great way to use up some of your extra beads and make some really cool looking earrings
You'll need
-some craftwire (I used 22 gauge silver colored wire)
- a small rod of some sort, about 1 mm in diameter
-a bunch of beads of varying sizes

-two headpins
-pliers- chain nose and round nose
-small wire cutter

I used a brass rod for this project, but anything that you can find with a small diameter will do. The first step is to wrap your wire a few times around the rod.

After that, you string a bead on the wire, and then wrap a full loop of wire around just the rod in order to secure the bead.

Keep wrapping beads onto the rod in this manner- wrap once with a bead, wrap again without.

I wrapped about an inch of beads before I started to go back down the opposite direction to wrap more.

I looped it around a few times at the end, and proceeded to go back the other direction. I kept my loops as tight as possible around the first row, and tried to place them so as to fill in the gaps so I would have a nice full looking piece.

Now you just cut the tail off with a wire cutter, and tuck in the end with a chain or flat nose plier. After you have finished that, slide your creation off the rod.

Add a headpin with an accent bead on the bottom of it. Do a simple loop at the top, or a wire wrap, and hook into your earwires. Now you have a sweet pair of wire 'n bead sculpture earrings that is guaranteed to get you some high fives and double thumbs up as you sport them around town. Or at least some nice verbal compliments.

All done!

For a quick tutorial on wrapped and simple loops, please check out: http://www.ornamentea.com/learn.html

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