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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craft Show Display- A Few Tricks

Okay, I don't really know that much about craft show displays. I will never claim to be all knowing on the subject, or at least not yet. But I have done a few different crafts shows selling a few different products (everything from jewelry to purses to handmade soap), and I am learning a thing or two about the rules of display. One thing that I have learned is that it is imperative to have a cohesive look to your display items. They should all kind of flow together with some kind of theme or color scheme. This can be hard to do, especially if you are on a budget. There is a store fixture place here in Raleigh that sells all kinds of great new display items, and you could easily spend your entire paycheck buying a fantastic matching set of velvet lined, authentic cherry wood greatness. And then you could spend the next five craft shows paying that off.

Me, I prefer the poor man's way of making craft show display wonderment. I probably wouldn't recommend my route of doing things if you have lots of fine jewels and precious metals, because your display should probably look a little more high class. But my method in this last display that I created was to hunt down and find fixtures that worked for me on a practical level, and then force them to be unified by coating them in similar colored spray paint, and the same print of decoupage paper. I think it turned out pretty well! My next step is to adorn these fixtures with the same color Dupioni silk ribbon.

So my key ingredients are:

-Decoupage paper ( I get mine at Ornamentea)
-Rust-oleum Hammered look spray paint (in silver)

The rustoleum is great because it covered up a really rusty wire rack that I found. I also used it on an earring rack that was black that I wanted to match with the wire rack.

Decoupage paper is awesome! You just tear some paper off, brush some decoupage glue on the back, slap it on your object, and brush the glue on top after you smooth the paper down with your fingers. Really easy and kind of fun (but a little messy).

Here is the paper I chose:

I decoupaged three things- an earring display made of metal, and a necklace swivel rack and ring holder that were both made of wood.

I tied the rest of the look in with black and silver items. I got some cheap neck displays in black that fold down for easy storage. But the black table cloth set me back a little. I couldn't find a good one at Goodwill, and had to buy it at a non discount store. I accented my table with little fun silver bowls and whatnot that I was able to find at Goodwill. I think the key is to just not be in a hurry when you are looking for items, and the right piece will kind of come to you. (But unfortunately we don't always have the luxury of time.)

Thanks for reading! I hope some of these tips were helpful to those craft show adventurers out there. Happy selling!

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